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Biomass Boiler ImageBiomass Boilers are a highly efficient way to heat your home, and improve the energy efficiency of your property using a renewable energy source that benefits the environment.

The use of Biomass Boilers provides the following economic, environmental, social and financial benefits:

Green TickSustaining local economies. Biomass fuel can be locally sourced throughout the UK, supporting rural businesses and local economies and minimising transport costs. The growth in the market for biomass fuels encourages the conservation and management of woodland, which also helps to improve local biodiversity.

Green TickA Carbon neutral solution. In comparison with other fossil fuels, such as coal, gas or oil, biomass boilers emit 90% less carbon dioxide. As these emissions are roughly the same amount that is absorbed by plants, biomass is a sustainable carbon neutral fuel source.

Green TickA highly efficient solution. With modern biomass boilers offering above 90% efficiency, similar to high efficiency oil condensing boiler systems, they can be easily integrated into your central heating system, as with a conventional boiler to provide your home with all the hot water and heating you need.

Green TickGreat where gas in not an option. For those of us who live in rural locations with no connection to mains gas, biomass boilers offer an efficient and cost effective alternative to conventional off-gas heating fuels such as oil or LPG. Cleaner and safer, a biomass boiler is also independent of the fluctuating market prices of oil and LPG.

Green TickComplete heating solution. For centuries biomass has been used for heating in the form of wood burning stoves and open fires. Modern biomass boilers are not only clean, efficient and 'green' ways to heat your home, but will also reduce your energy consumption, meaning your energy bills are reduced, especially in the face of rising fuel prices.Biomass Pellets

Green TickGet paid while you save. As well as saving money through lower fuel bills, all households with biomass boilers are eligible to earn 9p per kWh of heat generated under the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.